My life is good. I have an amazing job working with autistic children. I have health care eye and dental as well. I am able to pay my bills and put some aside in my savings. I have good friends and a few good family members. I have worked hard to get to this place and I have an Inner Peace. I am blessed.


I know I have not written anything in quiet awhile but life has been busy. I have a new job working at a school for special needs children which I Love. I also got a kitten her name is Bastet an Egyptian Goddess & she is so much fun also a ball of fire. It is now summer & I love being outside on my deck surrounded by my plants feeling the sun after a long cold winter & I may have met someone & We are enjoying getting to know eachother. I do have a few things I am going to write I just have to find the time which I entend to do.

I remember the call
It was 2 am
Her voice was
Shaky & a whisper
I could barely hear
I need your help
Will you come
& get me
I got up
& I drove
To get her
She ran to my
Car & got in
I drove back home
As she sat at
The table holding
The hot cup
Of tea
I noticed the
Bruises starting to
Show & her tear
Stained face
Her eyes where
Red & swallon
Way to many
Bruises to count
I don’t say a word
I just sit
& listen
I then guide
Her to bed
& tuck her in
I then sit in
The chair &
Watch her sleep
As I let the
Tears fall that
I kept in
For her pain
& sadness is
Greater than mine
& she still
Loves him
As my tears
Are of anger
& rage
For there is no
Love here
Only the overwhelming
Desire to kill
So I sit
& I pray for
Her to find
The strength to leave
His sorry ass
But sadly I know
When the flowers
Arrive she will
Forgive him
& back she will
Go to start this
cycle all over again

Why I love doggie style

I am alittle nervous about doing this but here goes.

I love doggie style for a very big reason to me it means he is in total control of me. He can pull my hair, push me down, control the intensity, spank my ass, feel or pinch my breasts, among other things.

I remember one time being with my special someone on my Grandparents farm at our favorite spot the pond which was a 1/2 mile from the house. It was a warm summer night we had just been skinny dipping & now out drying off. He said to me get in all fours & be quiet so I did as I was told I heard him open his bag & then I felt the gag in my mouth & then he attached a leash my pulse quickened & my cunt got wet. He leaned down & said I am going to ride you like the mare you are & I know that has made you wetter than you already are. He then began to fuck me he controled me by the leash attached to the gag by pulling on it which made my head go back also he had a riding crop he used on my bum & the side of my thighs. I could feel his power & I realized I was fully in the moment & had gifted him with all of me. When we finished & I was released I turned & I saw he had tears so I asked did I do something wrong? He looked at me smiled pulled me to him & said no I have tears because you gifted me all of you. In that moment we where truly a Dominant & sub. From that moment we were bonded soul to soul.

Life is like a flower. You water it care for it protect it nurture it watch it bloom in all its beautiful & glorious color smell its beautiful scent then it slowly fades away to be reborn & start again

As I am learning to embrace my body my special someones words have helped & this is how. I have always wanted bigger fuller boobs so I did not have to wear a padded bra. Then I met my special someone my Navarre who said he loves my breats just the way they are I tried to argue with him but he stopped me & said stop it they are perfect for me so stop with the doubting & begin to believe. So this is a start by posting this picture.

Sinful Sunday

I was laying in bed a few weeks ago with beautiful thoughts of him in my head. Yesterday I was missin him so these are the words I put to this picture.

Missing his gentle

Touch upon my body

As his tongue flicked

& circled around

My nipples

Making me moan

With pleasure

Sinful Sunday